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We offer a full range of dental services to cover your needs throughout the life of your teeth and gums. 

Our Commitment is to provide comfortable, complete care for a gorgeous smile!

Don't suffer in silence!
We offer relief with emergency services!

  • Teeth knocked out

  • Teeth loose or pushed out of position

  • Fractured teeth

  • Cut or abraded gums, lips, inner cheeks

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TJMD)

  • Oral pain in any area

Regular care keeps your teeth & gums healthy & prevents bigger overall health problems in the future:

  • Complete exam with X-rays

  • Cleanings/Deep Cleanings

  • Extractions

  • Root-Canal Therapy

Cosmetic dentistry helps your smile stand out and gives you daily confidence!

  • Veneers—are a quick way to a beautiful smile. Veneers are perfect for people with stained, chipped or gapped teeth. They’re permanent and easily cared for.


  • Whitening—lightens teeth and helps remove stains and discoloration. It can greatly improve the way your teeth look.
    Our office offers whitening options with fast and effective whitening treatments.


  • Full Mouth Rejuvenation—to realign your bite, remove decay, repair damage and apply veneers for a complete, newly-gorgeous smile you’ll be proud to show off every day!


  • Bonding—restores teeth affected by decay, chips, breaks or small cavities.


  • Crowns & Bridges—give your teeth a clean, uniform look while restoring or protecting sensitive or decayed teeth. Crowns are added on top of an existing tooth that’s suffering from structural decay or other problems. Bridges is a custom-made dental product designed to take the place of some missing teeth.


  • Tooth-Colored Fillings—also called white fillings, restore and mimic the natural appearance of the tooth. This replaces the old metal fillings and is often undetectable under normal circumstances.


  • Dental Implants—are an alternative to a bridge or dentures. They’re surgically inserted so that they look and function like natural state. They’re made of durable, synthetic materials. If you’re missing or have badly damaged teeth, you’re an ideal candidate for dental implants.

  • Sealants—seals off those areas your tooth brush can’t reach and where bacteria and debris can create decay.

Sometimes your discomfort doesn’t come from your teeth;
it comes from your jaw and the surrounding structures.
That’s where neuromuscular dentistry comes in.

Your jaws get an incredible workout every day, so when the muscles, joints and other structures don’t line up properly, you can end up with some ongoing pain.

We treat problems like:

  • Grinding & clenching
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Pain or pressure around the eyes
  • Clogging and stuffiness of the ears
  • Pain in and around the jaw
  • Stiffness or soreness in the neck, shoulders and back
  • Snoring

Stella Bondar DMD was featured on "Destination Dentistry: Two Worlds Collide." Listen to the podcast here.

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"High quality service, amazing results, friendly staff! It was my first time to Dr. Bondar and I am no fan of dentist due to bad experiences but with that said, I loved Dr. Bondar. She was very friendly and made sure my needs and comfort were her number one priority. She made the whole experience very nice and pain free. I will go back to her for everything I need and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants their beautiful smiles back. This woman is not just a dentist, she is a miracle worker. She gave me my smile back I can finally look in the mirror and see what I've been waiting years for and this after just one appointment.”


"Always professional kind and caring, genuine, honest, treats you like family! Truly takes pride in her work that is the highest in quality, I would recommend Dr. Bondar to anyone young old and in between! Many of my family members and friends are patients of hers!”


"Dr. Bondar is the most caring & compassionate person I've ever met. I'm terrified of dentists and she makes you feel so comfortable, her staff also. Just a great place!”


"I have been a patient for 20 years. Dr. Bondar has always been there for me. Always gentle and extremely skilled to perfection. I love my dentist. Stella Bondar gets my 5 stars. I have the best Smile and white teeth, made just for me! I would also like to thank her office staff for being so nice.”


"She is just wonderful. Professionally and personally.”

— SUE G.

"All of the people in the office are friendly and professional and Dr Bondar is the best I've ever been to. I keep expecting to be wincing in pain, like past experiences with dentists, but it just doesn't happen.”


"Professional and friendly!
This was my first visit. I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome reception I received even though I had not been to a dentist in a long time. I am dentist phobic, but I really felt at ease here.”


"The Best Dentist Ever!
Dr. Bondar is everything you want in a dentist. Painless, fast, multi-skilled. That's just the tip of the iceberg. She gets it. She doesn't try to squeeze you for every last dime. Her staff is outstanding. Can't figure out your insurance? Marie is a whiz! Not a fan of getting your teeth cleaned? Debby is the best. Nobody "wants" to go to the dentist, but we all need to, so give her a try.”


"Excellent dental practice!
Dr. Bondar and her staff are professional, compassionate and extremely competent. The office staff is friendly and helpful whether it comes to issues of scheduling, insurance or unrelated questions. Dr Bondar cares genuinely about her patients and takes the time to know them. I strongly recommend her and her practice!”


"Great service, professional staff! I had a very crooked smile. Dr. Bondar repaired that with dental veneers that look great. Dr Bondar is an excellent dentist. I agree with all the five stars I see here."


"Dr. Bondar is very patient and does a wonderful job with fillings! Everyone in the office is friendly and caring. Don't think twice about paying her a visit."


"Dr Bondar is one of the mostly highly rated dentists in the area, She is a perfectionist in her work, and her staff are just as committed to providing excellent results. I have never been anxious before a dental appointment, nor have ever experienced any dental pain. I used to cover my mouth when I smiled or laughed, and now having beautiful teeth, I have a new found self-confidence, & have received compliments on my smile."


"The staff were all warm, and helpful. The Dr. was fantastic she made me feel at ease even as I was having a root canal. Thank you."


"Best Dentist I’ve been to since I lived in Seattle! VERY nice, VERY patient! I’m not DDS phobic, but she is perfect if you have a lot of fears about going! She will explain everything and she will ASK you if you want to have something done, not tell you. She compounds her own Novocain so it is a bit stronger than the norm. Awesome staff, too."

— JEN A.

"I have had a pathological fear of dentists since I was 10. To the point I needed general anesthesia for a cleaning. That’s all gone now thanks to these folks and how comfortable they made me feel.
My first visit I needed emergency work on an exposed nerve, and Dr. Bondar even postponed a conference she was supposed to attend to fix me up. No pain, no fear, she is top of my list, and I have no issues recommending her and her entire practice!"


"Got Zoom teeth whitening and it came out GREAT! I was very satisfied with the results, not to mention the staff was extremely friendly! This is a nice dentist office conveniently located near the highway."


"She's the best!”


"Dr. Bondar is a very gentle, kind and caring dentist. I would recommend her to everyone!”

— LEE S.

"I had my routine teeth cleaning there this past week. I’ve been going (as well as my two daughters) to Dr. Bondar’s office for all of my dental needs for approximately 10 years. Deb, my dental hygienist, is fabulous- Marie who works at the front desk always greets me with a smile and is very knowledgeable about insurance coverage - and of course Dr. Bondar is very warm and engaging. She does expert dental work. I would highly recommend this team of dental professionals!"


"Professional and caring!"


"A great dental office. They are very concerned with making the patient comfortable. You get top notch quality care here while also feeling "at ease" even in the toughest situations."


"Dr. Bondar is an amazing dentist! She always does a great job! It never hurts when she does a filling, she is very nice and very professional. I highly recommend her!”


"Appointment was for an annual cleaning. As always we were called the day before as a reminder. We are always greeted by "friends" when we arrive. We have been clients of this dental service for 30 - 40 years. Technicians have always been very professional with cleaning service and advice to any issues noticed during the appointment. We greatly appreciate Dr. Bondar and her staff.”


"Excellent, professional service
I have had a fear of the dentists for more than 30 years. Both Dr. Bondar and Debbie have made my recent experience so comfortable.”


"Dr Bondar is the best!”


"Dr. Bondar is an amazing dentist! She always does a great job! It never hurts when she does a filling, she is very nice and very professional. I highly recommend her!”


"Love these guys!”

— JEN A.

"From Cleanings, Deep Cleanings, to Crown work, Even that Dreaded Drill work (Construction Zone). They will work with you and take care of you for some excellent customer service, while sharing a smile to improve your smile while you're there. Wish I found Stella years ago! But she found me when she needed to buy something and complimented me for being Fabulous. I'm glad she shared her business card with me. Now I'm a client to a Fabulous Dr. and great group of wonderful co-workers / professionals (team). Five Stars ALL Around !!!! ;-)”


"PAINLESS! Always so gentle and genuinely caring!”


"The best at what she does!
Dr. Bondar is a great dentist. Fast appointments and no wait time! Very calming and professional. Marie (reception) is the sweetest lady. All of her staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.”


"Very friendly and professional office. From the first person to greet me (Marie) to the dental hygienist (Deb) their friendliness made me feel very comfortable. Setting up my next appointment was a breeze.”


"Great dentist! Professional, on-time, friendly staff.”

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